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Our human resources policy; To create a happy, highly motivated and educated workforce that focuses on company goals, works as a team with knowledge, and is constantly developing. In line with our company’s vision, mission and strategies, it contributes to increasing employee productivity and creating a qualified, motivated and highly committed workforce.

By applying a fair, transparent, inclusive and equitable performance evaluation system that measures the knowledge, experience, effort and behaviors possessed, it is ensured that the outputs of the system form the basis of the development processes. It is ensured that all employees are included in personal, technical and vocational training programs in line with their development needs. Students are encouraged to gain experience in professional development by offering internship programs.

Our human resources strategy is also presented to the public on our website.

For the most suitable job opportunities that match your qualifications and career goals, you can upload your CV, which includes the information in your application in a correct, clear and understandable way, using the form on the side.


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