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  • ELECTROMOTOR INC. With the aim of achieving its goals, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, performing the right production and shipment at the first time in a way that will meet customer needs.
  • To ensure the competence and risk-based thinking of our employees, to support their leadership skills
  • To ensure continuous improvement with the contributions of our suppliers and employees
  • To follow and apply technological developments that increase our competitive power in accordance with the changing market conditions.
  • To comply with all legal requirements regarding Quality and Environmental management systems, to continuously improve the Quality and Environmental Management System and its performance,
  • To create methods to prevent pollution at its source before it occurs, taking into account the environmental effects,
  • Evaluating our wastes generated during our activities by recycling or reuse,
  • To protect the environment we work in, to use our natural resources efficiently and to ensure environmental awareness,

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