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Merzifon Electro Motor Metal Industry San. ve Tic. Inc. We are the first and only manufacturer of shaded pole and capacitive electric motors in Turkey. We produce motors and fans used especially in the white goods sector, aspirators and built-in hoods, ovens, built-in ovens, bottle coolers, catalytic stoves and some medical devices.

Thanks to our flexible production lines, we can take immediate action on customer demands and implement them instantly. We have succeeded in minimizing our dependence on foreign sources by including 90% of the components that we produce in-house into our products. In addition, we continue our efforts to increase this rate with our localization and nationalization projects.


Shaded pole electric motors, which we produce in accordance with world standards, are used all over the world, especially in Europe and Near East countries. Our products are designed to meet the needs of white goods manufacturers with our innovative technology and quality-oriented production approach.

Elektro motor Fan Tasarım ve Analiz Süreci


We have a strong engineering staff in design and analysis. We realize our mechanical and electrical designs for the needs of our customers by using computer aided design programs.

Our design and analysis team is constantly improving the features and performance of our products using innovative and high-tech devices. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we constantly renew ourselves by adopting a flexible approach.

As a result, in terms of design and analysis, as Merzifon Elektromotor A.Ş, we always work by using quality, innovation and technology together to meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level.


It attaches great importance to the prototyping process in order to increase the conformity of its products to customer demands and the production quality. After the detailed analyzes carried out during the design phase, mechanical and electrical designs are carried out in the computer environment, and then prototype production is carried out quickly with 3D printers.


Thanks to the high-precision 3D printers within our company, mechanical designs can be printed in 450x450x470 mm dimensions. After the production of prototypes, the testing processes of the products are carried out meticulously and it is ensured that full compliance with customer demands is ensured. In this way, the quality of our products and customer satisfaction are constantly increased.


Merzifon Elektromotor has an electronic circuit board production line as a company that takes care to offer the highest quality products to its customers by using modern and innovative technologies. Thanks to its expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment, SMD (surface mounting technology) can be produced.

In this way, Elektromotor stands out in the sector by offering fast and high quality productions to its customers. In addition, our company attaches importance to environmental sustainability by providing lower energy consumption and less material loss with SMD production.

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